Engage your family, engage community, engage your genius

Allen and Martha want to help families be successful in their educational, community and physically sustaining pursuits. Engaging Genius is one of the steps toward this end.

Phase I
Enjoy the Engaging Genius course as it is piloted with communities (2013-14)

Phase II
Professionally film and integrate course material into an internet accessed procedure of change that is self-personalized to the needs of each family and community.

Phase III
Tour the country teaching and engaging with different communities on-sight. Develop customized software. Write Engaging Genius material in book format so it is accessible. Apply the principles of personal and community transformation to other social-entrepreneurial ventures through the Archive 360 recording studio. Launch the action and consulting tool through Simulations Institute.

Phase IV
Use the Engaging Genius course, Simulations Institute and the Archive 360

recording studio to help make the John and Abigail University a reality.

Phase V
Charter year at John and Abigail University

About John and Abigail University:
Universities today unintentionally foster dependence in housing, food (cooking and procuring), testing, entertainment and in too many other areas. It is no wonder that we are in the situation we are in politically, socially and economically. The J & A University has been designed around personal, mental, physical and spiritual ownership to counter this trend. We hope to Launch Phase IV sometime in the next 10 years. If you wish to learn more feel free to contact us.