Engage your family, engage community, engage your genius

Allen and Martha Levie have been preparing to teach this material and apply it to the family for many years. Both are older siblings in large families and together they are the parents of 6 almost 7 children of their own. Both graduated from George Wythe University, a small liberal arts college in Cedar City.

Engaging Genius is, or will be, a tool helping families educate their children in ways not often found in schools. The goal is to improve eye-to-eye time with family members and other personal-relations by innovatively teaching participants how to better engage.

What is included:
– EG-Network of families
– Initial profile consultation
– 8-Month Course (long-term access)
– Virtual classroom
– Involvement in the first step toward the John and Abigail University (see vision tab above)

We will be working with 15 initial communities. 10 in-person and 5 online communities. This way we can demonstrate the change that occurs and better develop the community transformation aspect of the course. When people start learning and participating with EG, their joy will be multiplied as they interact with families who are also experiencing the same changes. We want to facilitate the joy of sharing success and supporting each other through growth.