Engage your family, engage community, engage your genius

 How The Course Works


Once your family has registered for the course we will have a family phone call. Through this call we do two things:

          1. In order to protect the network we need to know that you are you and that the group is safe

2. It is a time to connect, get to know you, explore your background, momentum and where you want to be as a family.


The course will begin on September 12th & 13th 2013 and is made up of four 2-month parts

Sept-Oct:     3D Learning

Nov-Dec:     Transformational Speaking

Jan-Feb:     Table Manners Re-purposed and Refueled

Mar-April:    Dating Revolution

The Engaging Your Genius course will be presented on Thursday evening and then again on Friday morning to accommodate different schedules and time-zones.


Online classroom:

We will be using GoToMeeting for our online classroom

This is the live-online place where we can see and hear live interactive presentations of new material. We will use this tool at least once per week teaching 8 lessons

Follow-up application sessions will also take place during the week in smaller groups. In these meetings there will be increased collaborative interaction. GoToMeeting or Groupsite can be used for this, though we also recommend Skype and Google+ as good platforms.


GroupSite is a way for families to enhance their Engaging Genius experience. There are so many ways that we use this network:

It is a place for you to communicate and share what is happening in your families as you gain new habits and move to the next level and the next.

It is a place for you to quickly get to know other families and start relationships of learning.

It is also a place for Martha and I to quickly connect and remember what is happening in your lives as we share with you.

It is a place to orderly continue dialogue and explore the depths of different subjects as they come up. We’ll call these key subjects threads as they weave here and there.

Neede equipment

In order to participate in the online course you will need

1. High-speed internet
2. A computer
3. Headphones/microphone set or a mic
4. A webcam

Family teams

Families will be grouped into teams of 5. Most of the really great learning will take place in these small groups of 5 families. This is the group that you will get to know. Children will share their insights and stories as they grow with these families and each family will change from point A to B again and again throughout the year. It will be the baby-steps that matter, and over the course of 8 months we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference.