Engage your family, engage community, engage your genius

4 Parts of The Engaging Genius Course

 Part 1

3D Learning

Three dimensional learning expands education by integrating personal and public relations into the process of learning. In the course we use business and fundraising techniques to change the way education works. First we switch the roles. Then we work step-by-step to empower the student, parent and instructors. As Yoda says, “we must unlearn what we have learned”. When we are done iPads and iPhones actually fit like a glove as key parts of learning.    3D Learning is what we call an inside-out outside-in cyclical process. Talking about and designing the ideal program as parents and teachers is only half of the solution. When students become the center, “the hub” if you will, when they actually drive it, we are then getting somewhere. To make this a reality, we need whole new ingredients and a whole new recipe.

Do the people who care about your children most know what is going on in their learning and life? Can they easily engage in that learning process? Are critical relations falling through the cracks of forgetfulness and omission? Do your personal relations know they are loved because they are involved in the way they want to be involved? Are you cyclically increasing your reach and making a difference? How can you?

Everyone benefits from the right kind of support network. When personal-relations are critical, i.e. family moments, college entrance, job procurement, dating, publishing or starting a business, will the basic skills and habits be in place? Personal and Public relations of all kinds can fall into place naturally and not fall through the cracks as one moves from one time of life to the next. Allen’s experiences in education, marketing, entrepreneurship, administration and fundraising have come together gradually over the last 10 years making this course truly life-changing for youth and adults.

Part 2

Transformational Speaking

“Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.”
– John Adams, 1765.

Daring to speak sometimes takes more than the courage to stand up in front of others, and public speaking rules can only take you so far. In this course you will learn the key to transformational speaking and how to become a family who dares to speak!

By “to speak” we mean: storytelling, public speaking, memorization, poetry, extemporaneous, comedic and dramatic recitation. We will explore the idea that entertainment is best when family members take an active role verses the passive position of the “couch potato”.

Marcus Aurelius believed that the course of wisdom consisted of learning to trade easy pleasures for more complex and challenging ones. I worry about a culture that, bit by bit, trades the challenging pleasures of art for the easy comforts of entertainment                             Dana Gioia 2007 Stanford Commencement

Let us help you create a family culture that engages the genius of your children to unlock their own persuasive power and influence in transformational speaking.

Martha was trained by Professor Grace Nixon Stewart at a young age and received coaching from both of her parents, who also received training through Professor Stewart. The Elocution course was created and taught for the first time in 2006 and has since been taught in other settings. We have now taken it to a new level for this November/December course that will add an unforgettable touch to your family’s holiday season.

Part 3

Dating Revolution Family Style

Why do you date? For romantic reasons? Renewal? “What does dating have to do with engaging genius?” You may ask. In an age of high divorce rates, broken homes, strained family relationships, teens “hanging out” in non-productive environments, this course will help your family avoid these traps. The Dating Revolution is about moving dating to a new level of interaction. We will teach you how to date your spouse, your family and how to teach your young adults to date the right way.

Part 4

Table Manners Repurposed and Refueled

In today’s busy world of eating on the run and family members rushing off to do their own thing, sitting down to eat a meal as a family is becoming a rare event.   It can be one of the few times each day when the whole family can engage in moments of teaching, listening and sharing experiences, and edifying one another with comfort food for the body, mind and soul.  Your dinner table can be the hub of your home.

How can we provide such an atmosphere for this to take place?  Why do manners matter? Is it possible to teach young children table etiquette? How do you introduce your children to the many rules of our culture? In this course you will not only learn manners and etiquette but you will also learn the one rule that will help your family treat each other with the manners of a king. We will also give helps for integrating what you have learned into your daily meals. Manners set the tone for engaging peace in your home.  As a family your will ignite your collective and individual genius as you learn that manners are not just about yourself, manners are all about others.